I recently was given one of these energy drinks by my step mom, who said she has them every morning to help get her going. Composed of vitamins B1, B2, B6, Taurine, Ginseng, and other natural ingredients that help you sustain a normal level of energy all day, this drink will not make you crash. I have been drinking these every morning and they don’t give me any of the side effects I’ve experienced with Monster and Rockstar. Side effects that SUCKED and included shaky hands, racing heart, and overall twitchiness. The Lipovitan drink is an energy drink that is popular in Japan and actually tastes really good. It doesn’t have any gross aftertaste that leaves a weird taste in your mouth like Monster does. It actually tastes pretty pleasant, very refreshing if refrigerated, and is really great in the morning. For someone like me who doesn’t really eat breakfast and is always on the go, this is THE best thing to have in the morning when I need to get going.  Comes in two versions: Regular and Sugar Free. I like the sugar free version. Available here for only $1.78 each! Also available in 6 packs at your local Cardenas. May be available on Ebay or Amazon.