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I tried eyebrow threading recently with my boyfriend’s mom who claimed it was better and more painless than waxing. The shop I went to get my eyebrows threaded at was all done by exotic looking Indian women. Threading not only looks like it is difficult to do to someone else, but is also difficult to sit through on your first time getting it done. I have to say that it hurt the first time. I think this is because I was not used to the sensation or the sound of threading. Unlike waxing, threading takes several times to get all the hair, similar to plucking/tweazing. So, imagine that there are 20 people with tweazers on you at once all plucking hair simultaneously with a “zrrrrrrrrrr” sound everytime they tweaze and that is what threading is like. My eyebrows got a little red/inflamed, but other than that there was much less irritation than waxing for sure. I also think my eyebrows looked better. I must say that the women who do the threading are super skilled at this. They use string to pull the hair out and if they don’t do it right, they can actually cut you up pretty badly. I got my eyebrows threaded for the low price of $8.00, which is cheaper than waxing. The shop I went (Ruby’s Bangles in Moreno Valley, CA) to also offers upper lip, chin, and whole face threading.

On a whole, I would recommend eyebrow threading and upper lip threading. I recently tried whole face threading and I cannot lie, it was SO painful. Apparently, the lady who helped me said it was because the hairs were long. So, note to all of you thinking about trying threading, beware long hair getting threaded because it HURTS like a SON OF A BITCH. I really wanted  to punch the lady in the face it hurt so bad. My facial nerves were on fire. If it hurts like that the second time I try facial threading, I doubt I’ll keep doing it, but alas Nous devons suffre etre belle. Or, we must suffer to be beautiful.

This girl does a pretty decent tutorial:

If you’re local to the Moreno Valley area, check out Ruby’s Bangles. Click here to see their site.

Coolest Makeup Finishing Spray Line: Skindinavia Wins!

So, Skindinavia is a line of makeup finishing sprays that claim to hold your makeup in place for long periods of time. This stuff is really awesome. Although I didn’t buy mine from their site (cause I’m cheap!), I did buy the Skindinavia finishing spray (only off Ebay for a lower price). This stuff retails at $19.00 for 2 Oz. or $29 for 4 Oz. on their site or you can find some on Ebay for as low as $10 plus shipping. This finishing spray really does help your makeup stay in place longer and does not do much to upset your skin. Take that to heart; my skin is sensitive acne prone oily combination skin. Therefore, if something is going to upset your skin, it will inflame mine here first.

Depending on what skin type you have or your lifestyle, Skindinavia carries a line of different types of finishing sprays, so you can choose based on what your skin needs. First off, there’s the original finishing spray (which is what I have atm) that is a general anyonee-can-use finishing spray. This spray was the first to be released by them and is oil-free. Now available Finishing Sprays for Normal, Oily/Combination and Dry skin types, all oil-free and non-comedogenic. So, you get a finishing spray fit for your skin type! I love it because with my sensitive combination skin, I need something that won’t make me break out.

They also have a Bridal one specifically for that Special Day, a finishing spray for 10 Years Younger Looking Skin, a “Cool Flash” spray that’s heat resistant and one that is called “Dance” that claims to hold even under active environments ie. dancing at a club/party and/or exercise. So that is really an awesomely customized line of finishing sprays! For more information, visit their site at

You can try this Velvet Skin Coat .52 Oz. for $21.00 at DHC, although I would not recommend it unless your skin is completely infallible to breakouts. This velvet skin coat primer is made with a silicone base that clogged my pores quite a bit. It didn’t do major damage, but it did enough to discourage me from using it regularly, if ever again. I hate breaking out, hate skin products that clog my pores. It’s possible that could work for you if you have either dry skin or nothing bothers your skin. It does what it claims to do:” smooths fine lines and wrinkles so your face appears flawless…” BUT I’m only 21; not old enough to really be needing much help in the way of smoothing my wrinkles that I don’t have yet. Anyway, I guess if you only want to use it to smooth out your complexion and appearance of wrinkles, it ISN’T a bad product, but I don’t think I’d ever shell out the $21.00 ever again for the measly little .52 Oz. of silicone that clogs my pores. Not good at all for my complexion, but if it works for you, go you! You officially have the most disassociated unaffected skin on the planet. I’m jealous.

A good alternative to all-too-heavy make up primers? A good moisturizer, whitening cream, or if you must, a light herbal primer like Palladio’s Herbal Face Primer for $11.99 here.

Silicone will clog any average person’s pores. So, unless you’re unnaturally perfect (and if you are, yes, I’m a heinous jealous monster), then stick to water based skin friendly products.

Also, a good side note, if you apply moisturizer to your face and then wave your blowdryer over your face for a good 20-40 seconds, it helps the moisturizer set into your skin better and dries it faster. Then you can apply your make up without the irritation of peeling from not dry sunscreen or fear and paranoia of smudgy, runny, pasty looking make up! Rock on Divas! 😀

Here’s the scoop on my latest and greatest product of Asia. HABA White Knight Cream. As well as, of course, being made with all natural skin-friendly ingredients, this cream also has Squalane in it. Squalane is a perfected form of shark liver oil extract. Now, I know what you’re thinking, sounds gross right? Actually, as gross as it may sound, this oil has been known to speed up wound healing and tissue regeneration. This helps acne-ridden skin especially, but can also help dry tired feeling skin and rejuvenate cells. May also help with acne-scarring! I also tried it for a bit on my stretch marks and it seemed to lessen the appearance of them. Now THAT is freaking awesome! Contains Vitamins A, E and C which help prevent clogging of the pores. Skin naturally will look brighter. My favorite part about this cream? The fact that it is meant for people with oily- oily combination skin. My skin is constantly oiling up and breakouts are a constant threat on my face. This cream doesn’t make my skin breakout, calms any inflammation and seems to help with blotchiness. Although this product is aimed toward people with oily to oily combination skin, I think it could be used on any skin type as it is gentle, nourishing and soothing to the skin.

HABA White Knight is available here for $28.00 with 160 TrueReward Points or here for $37.

I tried this toner last night and was amazed. This toner feels so refreshing, almost like water it’s so light, only it has a lot of ingredients/nutrients that replenish and balance your skin! The toner ” contains no parabens, flavors, mineral oils, synthesized tar colorings or petrochemical surfactants that can irritate the skin.” So, it doesn’t cause blotchiness, redness or any other irritation that may cause breakouts or rashes. Seaweed and bamboo are both main ingredients in this toner; the seaweed naturally removes toxins and the bamboo moisturizes. I recommend applying this toner with a cotton ball and applying it sparsely over your face. A little bit goes a long way, although if you prefer to thickly coat it over your face, I don’t think it would hurt you since everything in this toner is good for your skin. The best thing about this toner by far is the fact that there is no alcohol or anything so your skin won’t dry up, but it has ingredients to nourish and moisturize your skin without clogging up your pores like most other store-bought products will. You can use a moisturizer after using this toner, but if you have oily/combination skin, you might not need to. I LOVED this toner a lot. I definitely plan on buying this one after using the sample. Another similar toner is the VC Lotion II which is also alcohol free along with containing “no parabens, flavors, mineral oils, synthesized tar colorings or petrochemical surfactants that can irritate the skin.”” The ingredients of each and their benefits will help you decide what your skin needs and what is best suited to you.

HABA G-Lotion Skin Toner here at $25.00 with 130 TrueReward Points or here at $29.

VC Lotion Toner II here at $36.00 with 180 TrueReward Points or here at $43.

Before you make any assumptions about the fact that this cleanser is a powder, let me assure you that it does NOT dry up your face or leave you ashy or anything. I recently tried this cleansing powder by Komenuka Bijin to see if it would be a good alternative to all the abrasive exfoliants I had been using previously. The sample pack of it is a small paper tube of powder grain that lasted me about 2 1/2 uses. If you decide to buy this cleanser, it comes in a plastic container of 30 small packs of the sample that True Renu will send you. This cleanser is MY favorite now.

It’s definitely a keeper because you can choose to use it regularly or if you have sensitive skin like I do, just as an exfoliant a few times a week. It lathers up rich and foamy and leaves your face feeling really soft and clean. I love that I feel clean but not red/blotchy or dry. Also, the rice bran is good for whitening, which I like since it tones down redness and helps with any pigmentation/dark spots. This cleanser also claims over 107 antioxidants and all natural ingredients so everything that’s going onto your face and into your skin is good for you and non-chemical. Rice bran, as well as whitening, also tones, heals and moisturizes your skin and makes your skin look bright and fresh. I felt really refreshed after using it and am committed to buying my very own 30 pack of this cleansing powder as soon as I get the money to do so!

The best thing about this product is that it can be used on all skin types. I have combination/oily/sensitive and am usually prone to breakouts when trying new products, but this cleanser did not upset my skin at all. I would recommend this cleanser to anyone that I know; I have been! The Komenuka Bijin Facial Cleansing Powder from Natural Rice Bran 30 Packs goes for about $36.00 on True Renu. I know that seems sort of steep, especially in these economic times, but one powder pack can last you up to 3 uses AND True Renu gives you 150 TrueReward points (and other Truereward points if you purchase anything else) that can be redeemed as a coupon for any future orders! I LOVE that part of the deal. PLUS, they send you samples when you order from them which is AWESOME and discount coupons, ALSO great for future purchases. Plus, usually they send you a sample of their new gummy candy that is DELICIOUS.

AND, if you’re an older woman with more mature skin, HABA also carries a facial cleansing powder that is more geared toward your skin, which is great because it includes all of Komenuka Bijin’s great attributes, with the added benefits of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, youthful looking skin properties in it. It is also less of an exfoliant and feels more fine grain than the grains of the Komenuka Bijin brand.the HABA pure roots Squa Powder Wash Cleanser with Papaya goes for $20.00 on True Renu and you get 100 TrueReward points (yay!). This may be a good option for those on a budget.

I tried BOTH and they were BOTH awesome. No lie, I’m having difficulty choosing which one I actually wish to purchase, but I think I will go with the Komenuka Bijin simply because it is based more toward my age group and skin. At any rate, their site elaborates in detail on each of the two cleansers so you can find and decide which cleanser is right for you and your skin type.

Here is where you can find each of these items and their prices:

Komenuka Bijin Facial Cleansing Powder 30 Packs

Komenuka Bijin’s Site at $36 $33

Beauty Habit’s Site at $36

Alpha Beauty’s Site at $36

True Renu’s Site at $36 and earn 150 TrueReward Points

You may also find this item on Ebay at an even cheaper price.

HABA Pure Roots Squa Powder Wash with Papaya Enzymes 80g

True Renu’s Site at $20 with 100 TrueReward Points

HABA’s Site at $24

You may also be able to find this item on Amazon, but I think it is still sold through True Renu. This line is a bit harder to find that Komenuka Bijin.

Good luck!

Natural Japanese Beauty is my latest great find. Recently, while browsing the web in search of japanese skin care, I found this great site. I think this site actually retails straight from Japan. Not only do they have really fantastic products, they have reasonable price ranges so there’s something for everyone! They also offer interesting articles on the history of each product and why it’s beneficial for you. This includes the benefits of rice bran, camellia oil and green tea as well as the use of silkworm cocoons (don’t knock it til you try it!) to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving the skin SUPER SOFT!
Contrast to True Renu, this site takes a more traditional, less modern look at skin care maintenance while still focusing on the #1 thing: looking your best and maintaining healthy glowing skin. After starting to use all of these products, my favorites are the rice bran powder wash from True Renu, HABA’s G Lotion Toner and White Knight Creme, and the silkworm cocoons and ALL of the whitening products from Natural Japanese Beauty. My favorite thing about these products is that they are all natural. I don’t need a chemistry dictionary to know what I’m putting on my skin because it’s right there for me to see in the simplest of terms for the ingredients that include rice bran, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, and seaweed.
They even offer recipes on the site for Home Remedies! My favorite of these is the Ginger Tea. The Ginger Tea offers relief for “Colds, Flu, Arthritis and General Health.” I don’t usually have any of these issues, but I love the tea simply because it tastes really good. Also, I LOVE ginger. It’s refreshing and I’ll eat it by the plate like a salad. Talk about refreshing. I also used it recently to help my boyfriend’s mom get rid of vertigo. It WORKED! She couldn’t believe it because her vertigo was gone in just FIVE DAYS. She loves the tea so much, I make it for her almost daily if not weekly.

Benefits of Ginger: Click Here to get the recipes!

Aside from all these great benefits of this site, they also offer traditional clay make up just like Geishas use! They sell a variety of different color tones so that you can mix them and create a tone that most closely matches your EXACT skin color. For someone like me, who is obsessed with everything Geisha, this make up really is great. I’m always looking for more natural make up alternatives to the drugstore make up and the absurdly expensive designer cosmetics.

Check it out here!

Thanks for reading my blogs and good luck!

This cosmetic company is my newest obsession. Affordable, Convenient yet classy and herbal ingredient lists that are actually in the ingredient list (not just the name!).

First off, this company boasts similar products that other more expensive, high end companies offer but for a fraction of the price. They make all or most of their products with various herbal ingredients such as Retinol (Vitamin A), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Camellia Oleifera Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Carthamus Tintorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Aloe Barnadensis Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Glycerin, Panthenol, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tee) Leaf Extract, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Strach, Rhus SucCedonea Fruit Wax, Beeswax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Stearalkonium Hectorite / Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C), Lanolin, Cetyl Alcohol not to be confused with Rubbing Alcohol as Cetyl Alcohol is moisturizing not drying, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, BHA, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil and other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

Secondly, most or all of these Palladio products can be purchased at $10 or less each and they sport such sought after makeup must-haves as Palladio Herbal Primer ( Primers usually run at $20 or more. This one is $9.99), Palladio Dual Wet Dry Herbal Foundation (CARGO Cosmetics carries a much more expensive version of this), and Baked Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter and Eyeshadow that can be compared to the likes of L’Oreal, Smashbox or Urban Decay without the flashy packaging. The eyeshadows in this line actually look just like the L’Oreal eyeshadows you can find at Target only a couple dollars cheaper and the shadow compact is larger.Also offered is Herbal Liquid Foundation, Various Mineral Powders, Lip Plumper Gloss, Brow Gel, Herbal Concealer, Translucent Rice Loose Setting Powder and oil blotting rice papers.

My favorite products of these is the Palladio Herbal Primer which works just as well as any high end primer if not better, the Palladio Translucent Rice Loose Setting Powder, the Palladio Dual Wet Dry Herbal Foundation and any or all of the eye shadows. My only beef with Palladio is their products have parabens, which thankfully have not irritated my skin, but I resent. If you have irritations to parabens or do not like using products that are made with them, Palladio may not be for you. If you’re okay with parabens, then this Herbal makeup line may just be the affordable option for you. I am really enjoying the extra cash I have every month and I don’t have to give up my vanity in the process, which is great.

If you wish to peruse Palladio items, feel free to visit any local Sally’s Beauty supply store or their website here > Sally’s Beauty Online Store or here at Palladio Beauty

Palladio Dual Wet and Dry Foundation Compact $10 Here and $9.99 Here.

CARGO Dual Wet and Dry Foundation Compact at $32 Here.

Palladio Herbal Primer for Face and Eyes.

Face Primer :$11.99 Here and $12 Here.

Eye Primer: $7.99  Here and $8 Here.

Palladio Natural Rice Powder (Loose) for $4.99 Here.

Palladio Baked Eyeshadow Available Here at $8 and Here at $7.99.

Palladio Shadow Available Here at $6.99 and Here at $4 .

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE Japanese anything. Japanese food. Japanese make up. Japanese Skincare. Japanese Bath salts. Japanese fashion. These are all things I love and am constantly browsing the net for. I have found some really amazing sites that accommodate and sell these products. My favorite Japanese Beauty Care website is True Renu. Check it out here.

They carry all of my favorite Japanese skincare brands including HABA and Komenuka Bijin. Both companies have these really great powder cleansers. A powder cleanser is basically a cleanser that comes in powder form and gently cleans and exfoliates. When the powder is mixed with water it turns into a nice foamy cream lather. It makes the skin feel really clean without drying. These companies carry powder cleansers that are based in rice bran, a staple of almost all of their products that is good for cleansing, whitening (for that pure angelic look!), and pore cleansing. It’s also a great exfoliant for those who, like me, have immensely sensitive skin and don’t want to use an abrasive store bought cleanser. Another thing I really enjoy about these two companies is that they are made with all natural ingredients so there are no foreign chemicals used in these products.

I would definitely recommend these two companies to anyone who prefers the all natural skincare lines as opposed to chemical additives and fillers. I am not sure if they are organic or not, but most or all items are paraben free. No more worries about skin irritants being in my face wash! As if these brands couldn’t get any better, all of their products are made anti-aging and anti-wrinkle and give your skin a youthful fresh radiant look. As well as having these two amazing brands, True Renu also carries some really great Japanese bath salts that are named for the hot spring in Japan that they came from.  Also, if you purchase 4/more bath salts, you get a FREE bath salt scoop.  Other awesome products by True Renu include their SALONSPAS pain relieving patches for joint, back, leg/arm, muscles and arthritis pain. I recently purchased these for my boyfriend’s mom who suffers from a leg/knee injury and she said they really help with the soreness and joint pain after a long day of walking around.

Last but not least, the BEST thing about this online retailer? They ALWAYS give you FREE samples when you order something from them. I LOVE FREE SAMPLES! So, if you do decide to purchase, look forward to a baggy filled with samples of products. They are really convenient to try items you might have been unsure about purchasing.