I discovered this really amazing charity a few years ago and decided it was high time I mention it here on my blog. PLEASE Spread the word!

Invisible Children is a documentary made by 3 college students ( at the time) who heard about atrocities and the war happening in Uganda. They decided to go there in 2003 to see what was happening for themselves. Invisible Children is the documentary that shows what they witnessed on their travels throughout Uganda. Many know of the war in Darfur and Sudan, but few know of the details of specifically what happens in Uganda. In this documentary, the hardships of various people and children living throughout Uganda are told in startling raw, candid voices, yet each of their stories remain hopeful and inspiring.

I found out about Invisible Children in 2006 when they visited my high school and knew I had to do my part to help. I saw the film, was deeply shaken and felt moved enough to join in the aid efforts. Later in the summer of 2007, I attended the Displace Me event at Fairplex Fair Grounds in Pomona, CA.

More than any singular story, this is the documentary that gave a voice to the plight of thousands of invisible children in Uganda that people did not even know existed. It gave them a light to stand in, hope to help, donations, sponsors, federal policy changes for aid efforts, movements and more. Please take a moment to watch the videos below or check out The Invisible Children website here and donate what you can. Anything counts.

As they say, what will be your legacy?

Invisible Children, The Documentary

What You Can Do: