I recently discovered this great website that offers cheaper accommodations to travelers around the world by uniting them with home, condo, and apartment owners in countries around the world who are offering couches, rooms, apartments and entire homes  to travelers at very affordable prices! Have a extra room in your room? If so,YOU can list it on AirBnB as a way to make extra income! Are you a student or otherwise hard-bargaining traveler? Utilize AirBnB to travel the world and stay with locals for a fraction of the price of staying in hotels. Listings on AirBnB state the number of rooms the place can accommodate, its amenities, etc. and even give discounted prices for long-term stays (a week or more) or offer to show guests around. If you want to travel, but cannot afford the steep prices for a hotel, this website really comes in handy and is an excellent way to cut costs on your trip, but not your experiences. Some listings offer rates as low as $20-$50 a night and many people offer airport pickups and tours of their city. All you have to do is create an account for yourself and search for the places you would like to go. It will then show the results for places in that area and their cost per night. You can even shop for a place by price, by availability date, and more. If you don’t travel much, but you have an extra room or a house/apartment you rarely use, listing your place on AirBnB might be something to look into to make some extra money. For a student like me, this has cut my traveling costs by half or more. To sign up for an account or browse on AirBnB for your next travel destination, click here.

Enjoy your travels in a carefree, lighthearted way and save or spend your money on experiences that will last you!

Good luck!

*I wrote this article of my own free will because I love this website.

It has been written of my own personal experiences. I was not paid by anyone at or in partner with AirBnB to write the article.*