I recently saw “Salt” with Angelina Jolie and was really impressed. Angelina Jolie delivers the top notch action we have all come to expect from her films as usual, working with an acting ensemble that has good chemistry and propels the film forward consistently. The pacing of the film was really great, offering a good balance of action, drama and story plot that moves the story forward, keeps the audience engaged and excited for what might happen next. There are just enough plot twists to keep things interesting without making it cliche or typical of the genre. I found the story to be very empowering, especially where women are concerned. The day has finally come where a female action star does not need to be required to part with her clothing to get the part, to make a story interesting, or to keep general audience attention. Not one scene showed Angelina stripping or with less than full clothing other than a scene where she changes clothing to disguise herself. I find this so refreshing because not only does Angelina kick ass through the whole movie, not missing one beat, but she also retains her womanly side, has emotional range and seems human in spite of the things she is able to do. She also does not once stand around waiting for a guy to save her which, that in and of itself, makes the movie worth watching.

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