I tried eyebrow threading recently with my boyfriend’s mom who claimed it was better and more painless than waxing. The shop I went to get my eyebrows threaded at was all done by exotic looking Indian women. Threading not only looks like it is difficult to do to someone else, but is also difficult to sit through on your first time getting it done. I have to say that it hurt the first time. I think this is because I was not used to the sensation or the sound of threading. Unlike waxing, threading takes several times to get all the hair, similar to plucking/tweazing. So, imagine that there are 20 people with tweazers on you at once all plucking hair simultaneously with a “zrrrrrrrrrr” sound everytime they tweaze and that is what threading is like. My eyebrows got a little red/inflamed, but other than that there was much less irritation than waxing for sure. I also think my eyebrows looked better. I must say that the women who do the threading are super skilled at this. They use string to pull the hair out and if they don’t do it right, they can actually cut you up pretty badly. I got my eyebrows threaded for the low price of $8.00, which is cheaper than waxing. The shop I went (Ruby’s Bangles in Moreno Valley, CA) to also offers upper lip, chin, and whole face threading.

On a whole, I would recommend eyebrow threading and upper lip threading. I recently tried whole face threading and I cannot lie, it was SO painful. Apparently, the lady who helped me said it was because the hairs were long. So, note to all of you thinking about trying threading, beware long hair getting threaded because it HURTS like a SON OF A BITCH. I really wanted  to punch the lady in the face it hurt so bad. My facial nerves were on fire. If it hurts like that the second time I try facial threading, I doubt I’ll keep doing it, but alas Nous devons suffre etre belle. Or, we must suffer to be beautiful.

This girl does a pretty decent tutorial:

If you’re local to the Moreno Valley area, check out Ruby’s Bangles. Click here to see their site.