I discuss anything and everything that interests me (on a whim or consistently) about life or the big wide world in which we all live and breathe. This includes various girly topics such as Skincare, Beauty, Fitness, Diet and Lifestyle tips, but I will also discuss philosophical and spiritual ideals from across the map, good food and where to find it, recipes that supply you with your daily dose of endorphins ( and those age fighting antioxidants! Yeah, I said it. I’m a chronic paranoid nut about aging.), and last but definitely not least, life and everything/anything else I may have left out.

I am not endorsed by anyone. Believe me, I tried, but hardly anyone trusts my writing ability due to my age (youngsters!), lack of a degree and when I tried that before, nobody wrote me back. So, you’re in luck because no internet website or company gives me money to talk about them. I simply discuss topics that are of interest to me and relay them back to you as I see them to hopefully enrich your life and, at the very least, make you smile. I’m not here to make a buck off anyone who clicks any of the links in my posts.

So there you go, enjoy the free information!

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